Welcome to the William Fogg Library

Welcome to the William Fogg Library, Eliot’s community library. The year 2007 marked our Centennial, and we are still going strong.

In addition to an extensive collection of children’s and adult books, we offer numerous free programs, lectures, story hours, children’s activities, special events, free CDs, DVDs, computer use and Internet, free tax preparation services, book clubs and more. Please explore our website to learn how we can add enrichment and enjoyment to your life!


What’s Happening at the Library

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Dr. Fogg’s Annual Birthday Celebration will be held on Saturday May 24, 2014 on the library property. We are seeking donations of theme baskets to be raffled off during the event with the proceeds to benefit the William Fogg Library.

Sign-Up to Volunteer!

Businesses, persons, or groups who wish to donate a theme basket would purchase a basket, choose a theme for your basket then stuff it with items that go along with that theme. Examples of baskets that you could choose to make are as follows:

Child Basket Theme-Springtime Fun

Items that work:

Kite, bubbles, bat & ball, colored chalk, marbles, jacks, yo-yo, jump rope, butterfly net, punch ball, paddle ball, bouncy ball *put all items received in a bright colored crate/bin – try to make all items gender neutral so it can draw interest from boys and girls


Ladies Basket Theme-A Day at the Beach

Items that work:

Beach towel, sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, flip flops, water bottle, book, snacks *put all items in beach bag/straw bag

 Family Basket Theme-Movie Night

Items that work:

Family Movie or RedBox Gift Card, popcorn (microwave or jiffy pop), boxed candy, bottled soda *put items in popcorn bowl…there are plastic ones that look like a popcorn box


Art Basket

Content Ideas – crayons, paints, construction paper, play dough, colored pencils, sidewalk chalk, paint brushes, finger paints, finger paint paper, glitter, markers, scissors, stickers. * put all items in a small plastic bin.


Off to College Basket

Items that work:

Content Ideas – Laundry basket filled with laundry detergent pods, towels, roll of quarters, gift card to Target.


Ice Cream Basket

Items that work:

Toppings, sundae dishes, waffle bowls and cones, sprinkles, ice cream scoop, cherries. *put all items in a wire or wicker basket.


Camping Basket

Items that work:

Camping dishes, pans, flashlights, matches, pudgy pie makers, marshmallows, chocolate,

graham crackers, marshmallow skewers, batteries, radio, cards, games. *put all items in a cooler.

If you would like to donate a theme basket for Dr. Fogg’s Birthday, please contact Lydia Goodwin at goodwinl@william-fogg.lib.me.us by April 18, 2014. She will then give you information on when and where to deliver your theme basket.

Our New Website Launched!

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