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William Fogg Seed Lending Library – 2021 Open Season!
Free Seeds – Available in March 2021 – Seed Library and Seed Sharing

The Eliot Garden Club and the William Fogg Library invite you to visit our
Seed Lending Library located in the lobby of the Library in Eliot and
housed in an antique card catalog. We have started a collection of
heirloom and open-pollinated seeds in the hopes that members of the
the community will be interested in “borrowing the seeds”, planting them and,
for more adventurous or experienced gardeners, harvesting the seeds to
return to the library to help our Seed Library grow.

Why Heirloom and Open Pollinated Seeds? Unlike hybrids, plants
produced by these seeds will have seeds that are true to type. These
seeds can be harvested and saved to be planted the following season to
produce the same type of plants.

What Types of Seeds are in the Library? We have vegetables, flowers, and
herb seeds. Please click the link for a complete list of available seeds. 

Seed Library Contents February 2021

How Do I Borrow Seeds? Come to the library and choose your seeds.
Fill out the Seed Lending Inventory Sheet and bring your seeds to a
librarian for check out with your library card and for packaging.

How Do I Donate Seeds? There is a donation basket on top of the card catalog. Donations of harvested seeds as well as donations of unused
heirloom and open-pollinated seeds purchased retail (with seed packet)
are always welcome. Please put your harvested seeds in an envelope and
mark it with the type and variety of seed, and the year harvested (for
example, Tomato, Brandywine, 2021). Please include a photo if possible
and any special notes.

How Do I Get More Information? The library has many books on
gardening in general and starting and harvesting seeds. There are also
a number of online resources. The University of Maine and the University
of New Hampshire extensions are good places to start. Seed catalogs
have detailed information about planting and growing seeds. Many of
these catalogs are available online. If you have other questions, please
contact the Eliot Garden Club at