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What is a Book Talk?

A book talk is a short video (about 3 minutes long) that is meant to convince others to read a specific book. It is essentially a commercial for a book!

What should be included in a Book Talk?

Your Book Talk should include a summary (no spoilers!) and your impressions of the book. Remember: the goal is to convince others to read this book too, so add something fun to hook them in! Instead of just describing the main character, why not dress up as them? Or simply highlight an exciting scene and end on a cliffhanger!

Who can make a Book Talk?

Anyone! We encourage readers of all ages to create one (or many)! If you do not have easy access to a recording device, we can help you record one at the library.

What if I do not feel comfortable being on video?

Our main goal is to get your recommendation out there! If you feel more comfortable writing a recommendation instead of filming one, that is great!

Where do I send my Book Talk?

You can send them to

Book Talks and recommendations will be posted to our website and social media.