Library Funding

Like most non-profit organizations, the William Fogg Library is in need of financial assistance for many different items and projects. Please call the library at (207) 439-9437 for more details.

Make a memorial gift of books or funds

A memorial or honorary contribution is a truly enduring gift.  CLICK HERE to download the memorial form. Mail it with your check and instructions to:

The William Fogg Library
P. O. Box 359
Eliot, ME 03903


The library will create book plates if you wish to donate funds for one or more books, so that your tribute will be seen by all those who read these books. Just call or visit the library and request that a book be added to the Adult or Children’s collection in memory or honor of the person you designate ($25 = 1 book).

We will complete a memorial or honorary bookplate and secure it to the inside front cover of the book purchased with your contribution.

Make a bequest in your will

Many people have included the library in their wills. Bequests have enabled us to do many things we would not have been able to do otherwise. If you have enjoyed the library for years why not include us in your will? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Decide on the amount you wish to give to the library.
  • Contact your attorney to advise him or her of your wishes.
  • Request that your will include a bequest to the library.

Some people have put their money in a trust. During their lives they receive the earnings from the investment. After their passing the library can either receive the principal of the trust at one time or the library could receive the earnings from the investment. Discuss these options with your attorney or financial advisor.


Purchase books as a gift to the library

You may call the library or come in to talk with the Adult Services or Children’s Librarians if you would like to give books to the library. We can obtain books at discounted prices that are processed for our needs. You can tell us what you would like to have printed on the book plate, and we will create it for you. If you’d like more information, please call the library at (207) 439-9437 for more details.


Make a donation toward technology

Both the Kent Children’s Room and the Adult Services Department are in serious need of financial assistance to improve computer technology. Our library software and our website software require considerable storage space and a fast processing speed. This means that older, used devices are often inadequate for our needs.

You can make a valuable contribution to the success of the library by providing financial contributions to our computer technology. Please call Lydia Goodwin for more information (207) 439-9437.